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For 20 years, the personal passion of the Villamizar family has flowed through every rose and flower, from seed to end consumer. Since they founded Maria Flowers in 1994, they’ve kept a very simple mission; consistently produce the highest quality flower programs at more competitive prices, with personalized service. This is done with carefully selected farms from the Andes mountains from Ecuador and Colombia. All this while utilizing a modular business model that greatly reduces overhead, passing significant savings through to our customers.

Our product and deliveries are controlled by our robust QC team and process located in Miami, which are constantly ensuring your guidelines and specs are consistently met, week after week. Savings benefits and optimizations are passed through to our clients in the form of higher quality products, yielding less shrink and better breakdowns. Our lengthy track record relationships are with boutique growers that focus on quality versus quantity.

At the end of the day, at Maria Flowers we know that we need to invest as much in the care of our customers, as we do for our growers and our employees.



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